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Benefits Network for Freelancers

Our friends at TaskSaver are offering a *free* 1-year membership to folks at Likewise!

TaskSaver was founded on the idea that freelancers deserve equal support & benefits, regardless of employment status. They believe in a new workplace— one that offers freelancers + independents access to resources that will help them protect their potential & propel them towards their goals. 

TaskSaver members have access to:

A supportive community for sharing resources, up-to-date personalized job alerts, & real-time advice or feedback on what you're working on.

You'll receive a membership card that gives you the same benefits & discounts that employees get, plus access to a space where you can work together to make the kind of career changes you want to make.

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Not available with all memberships.

Note: Not all member benefits are available to all memberships, and all member benefits are subject to availability.