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Kultured Cardio Groove — Dance Fitness

Kultured Cardio Fitness LLC offers

Kultured Cardio Groove

A fun-filled cardio dance fitness workout that takes place in our studio level 3 days a week. It incorporates the latest hip hop, dancehall, popular music, & strength training for a total body workout.

Kathy Johnson is the CEO & owner of Kultured Cardio Fitness LLC & Chantal Crosse-Sumlin is the Managing Director. Together they offer classes at Likewise every 

Tuesday & Thursday at 5:45p & Sunday at 2p

Their mission is to help people find their FIT by finding what they love to do & doing it consistently. Their FIT is dance fitness & they would love you to join!

likewise members receive 50% off their $40 monthly memberships + $8 single class drop ins!

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