Member Benefits

NEXXT — Community & Coaching for Women


to boldly strive toward a confident, defined path for yourself & your life.


  • Clarity in who you are, how that drives what you do, & the next steps on your path
  • Confidence in your sense of self, your decisions, & your direction
  • Community of diverse support, resources, voices, & wisdom of women

NEXXT Step is a group coaching program that helps take you from where you are to where you want to be. This is where you take a breath & unpack what you really want for yourself & how to get there.

You will gain Clarity, Confidence and Community to launch you into what’s nexxt for you in a coaching group with 6 sessions & 12 tools that build toward your personal plan.

  • 6 facilitated sessions over 3 months
  • Group sessions for exponential learning & growth
  • 12 take-away tools for learning & growth
  • Meet virtually very other week
  • Private online group & coach support in between sessions
  • Quarterly check-ins for one year

In partnership with Likewise, NEXXT Step coaching groups are being offered to the women of our community at 20% off.

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